Music Production

Music Production

We’re able to offer access to a range of music producers who can work with you to produce recordings ready for distribution and sale. Our aim is to get an understanding of your music, direction and ambitions and then introduce you to a suitable producer who can help you capture your sound.

Musicians and Backing Tracks

We have a team of musicians we can call upon if you don’t have your own band and would like professional accompaniment or a backing track, from a single guitarist to a full band in any style.

CD/Digital Packages

We can provide a full 360 degree recording/distribution/publishing package. We are able to take care of recording, mixing, mastering, album artwork, assigning ISRC and barcodes, digital distribution to all major download and streaming services, registering your works with collection societies and publishing.

Soundtracks and Music for YouTube Videos

We have an extensive catalogue of fully cleared production music including specially composed repertoire. Our albums of material include Dance, Chill out, Documentary, Classical and many more.

We can also produce bespoke compositions for all your needs: whether its background/mood music for a television programme, youtube video or film, advertising, social media activity or location music such as specially curated and composed playlists for your workplace or business. Please complete the form on the right for more information.

The tracks below are a small sample of the style and genre of music/ playlists we are able to supply.