Video Production


Video used to be a promotional thing, now it’s “the thing”!

As YouTube has become the number one destination for music discovery and options have become available to monetize video it offers an exciting opportunity to anyone with the talent and imagination to think big. No longer do you need the corporate big boys to foster your musical career. You can do it yourself and more importantly retain control. You can now reach a huge potential audience by simply posting a video.

The ever increasing list of widely respected artists that got their breakthrough via or with the help of Youtube includes Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Jack Conte, Alex Day, Lindsey Stirling, The Piano Boys,  Psy and The Fox. It is clearly eclectic, welcoming to all styles and genres and often surprising in the success stories it helps bring about.

Our video studio has a green screen, staging, lighting, sound and camera facilities. We are able to offer a complete package of recording your video, recording the sound, editing and producing both the video and sound.