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It’s been an amazing 12 months. Karizma Duo’s versions of songs they love have grown such a fanbase. Thrillingly, their cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” already has over 2,5 million streams. Big thanks to Spotify for finding and including “The Scientist” on its Acoustic Favorites Playlist. Check out This is Karizma Duo Playlist of all their covers on Spotify here.

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Karizma Duo are a mix of soulful vocals and acoustic guitar sounds.
The core members are Talisha Karrer and Chris Lewin who started playing acoustic songs to pass the time in a small caravan in Yorkshire.
Their passion for music has allowed them to travel around Europe performing their music to a variety of different audiences.
Shortly after relocating to Surrey, the duo started working with independent studio Lark Recordings and have been recorded their version of popular songs ever since.
Taking their inspiration from rock, pop blues and motown, their distinctive arrangements of both classic and contemporary songs have been used on TV and count a number of official Spotify playlists and tastemakers amongst their fans.

Karizma Duo’s latest album is “Interpretations” released September 2017 and available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple, Amazon and all reputable digital outlets.

Karizma Duo regularly visit our in-house studio. Here is a live video  of “Stand By Me” from an earlier visit to Lark Studios.