Chris Mercer

Chris Mercer, a guitarist and composer based in Surrey, UK, has been writing and recording acoustic music for 5 years.

Growing up in rural Staffordshire to a musical family, Chris was introduced to an eclectic mix of folk and classical music from a young age. He took a keen interest in the guitar after watching a live band, and it soon became clear that this is what he wanted to pursue.

From his work as part of acoustic act: Karizma Duo, Chris soon discovered a love for re-arranging classic songs in new styles. During this time he was introduced to us, where we encouraged him to develop his arrangements further and eventually to write his own original work.

Chris’s original work draws a lot of inspiration from nature; attempting to represent the peaceful qualities of the planet through music. Chris released his first album ‘Peaceful Guitar’ in January 2019 and his songs feature on Spotify’s Peaceful Guitar and Sweater Weather Instrumentals playlists.

Check out Chris Mercer’s music on Spotify here: