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Have you heard us on Spotify?

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Hello all! I’m Andy and have been helping the guys at the studio get to grips with social media. Did you know here at Lark we have our own Spotify profile where you can check out our artists and all their latest releases?

We also have our own playlists featuring our talented artists, as well as any other music we’re enjoying at the moment. Our playlists are curated for a variety of different moods and occasions so if you’re going for a run, yoga is your thing or feel the need for a chill out session please check them out and follow us to get the latest news and releases. If you just want to enjoy some fabulous music and champion undiscovered talent why not start by clicking through to our Lark Recordings Presents playlist:

Please Follow if you like our playlists and want to hear more from us.
We’d love to hear your suggestions for songs we should include or tracks you’d like us to cover.