Performing At Always The Sun Festival

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Elena Ramona

Most of us all know what it’s like watching an act perform live on stage whether it’s your favourite celeb at the 02 arena or your best friend performing down the pub with just an acoustic guitar, the atmosphere is always so vibrant and fun.

But here is an inside look into what it was like for me as an artist to perform on the Buskers Stage at Always The Sun Festival last weekend in Guildford.

The tent for the buskers stage was packed throughout the day and by the time of my performance it was still full of many happy people ready to hear some live music.

 Some people were sitting on the floor, while others were standing this made the atmosphere more cozy, personal and less nerve wracking.

Everyone was very welcoming and reacted nicely to my efforts to engage with them, it was also lovely to see some familiar faces within the crowd.

My performance consisted of a mix of my favourite covers and some of my original songs which kept my audience guessing.

By the end of my performance my nerves had died down and I didn’t want to get of the stage it was great fun and lovely to see such an engaging crowd there for the music and not for the bar.