Music has become an increasingly important element when creating all levels of audio visual productions from films and television programmes to advertising, youtube videos and the gaming industry. We have a vast and eclectic catalogue available for sync opportunities and our publishing department is very active in seeking out new opportunities.

In 2016 we had a busy year placing music in Love Island and Mi casa es la tuya to name a few and 2017 is hotting up. More recently the current 2017 series of Love Island that has become the programme of the summer has requested over 20 tracks released under our This is Acoustic label including from Josh Franklin, Karizma Duo, Shannon & Keast, Zara James, Landa, Dean Dyson and Chris Pomeroy and Meg Birch. Check out this playlist Love Island Playlist.

Should you require bespoke commissioned music we have a roster of talent (singers, musicians, composers and arrangers) experienced at the art of putting music to visuals from incidental and soundtracks to chilled tempo arrangements for commercials. We also have a in-house studio and hardworking engineers and producers so if there is a particular song you’d like us to record for your production we can deliver to tight timeframes.

Whatever your project, please get in touch and we will see how we can help make your musical needs possible!